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FanControl-GSM allows to control climate system in your vehicle and preheat it before you drive it.

With your mobile phone you may:

Preheat the engine
Preheat the interior and defrost windshield
Ventillate your interior in hot summer day
GSM-system offers wide range of service and informational features:
  • Control your vehicle's state (central lock and perimeter)
  • Notifications if the factory alarm system was triggered
  • Geolocation via GSM network signal (LBS)*
  • Information about interior, outside and engine temperature
  • Preheater mode – heater will turn on automatically if the engine is running and temperature is lower than 5°С 
  • Vacation mode – option to temporarily disable all launches for a certain period.    


*Optional GPS/GLONASS-270 unit for precise geolocation

TEC electronics offer wide range of control methods for FanControl-GSM. Even in places with no GSM reception you will be able to control the system with ease

System can be controlled via:
  • Smarphone application FanControl for iOS and Android
  • Smart voice menu FanControl
  • Factory keyfob
  • SMS-commands
  • Schedule (for example, every weekday at 8:00)
  • By presetting temperature sensors and timer.

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TEC‑632010-9 Technical manual of FanControl-GSM

TEC‑631910-8 Connection of the module in VAG

TEC‑631920-2 Installation of FanControl‑GSM in BMW и Mini

TEC‑631930-3 Installation of FanControl‑GSM in Land Rover

TEC‑631940-4 Installation of FanControl‑GSM in Mercedes

TEC‑631950-3 Connection of the module in Volvo