CAN-BUS solutions
Prizrak-510 v7. CAN-bus immobillizer. Version 7: new design, new connector, balanced number of input and outputs. All algorithms remained >>>
GSM car alarm TEC-830 – powerful security complex, capable of resisting any theft attempts, especially when coupled with electromechanical >>>
FanControl-GSM allows to control climate system in your vehicle and preheat it before you drive it. With your mobile phone you may: >>>


Welcome to TEC electronics Ltd international web-site.

Here you can find CAN-bus solution you need: original, innovative, high quality and suitable for your situation. Being the leader on CAN-bus solution market we are glad to offer our products for international customers.

All the products are developed and produced in Moscow, Russia, passed three-level quality control.

Car security, Utility, Multimedia and Comfort - main product lines giving you a chance to get the maximum advantages that CAN-bus technology could offer

PRIZRAK & TEC-7xx-series is the unique CAN-bus slave type car alarm systems giving you a high level of protection combined with flexibilityand comfort.

CANTEC-F-series is the universal "READ-WRITE" CAN-bus adapters enabling installation of optional hardware without traditional wiring. Smallest size, wide functionality, Plug&Play principle, car autodetection and many other features make this product unique.

AutoCAN is series of CAN-bus modules for professionals. Wider functionality, up to 20 programmed functions, fully protected output is not the full list of advanteges. I and IF versions are equipped with Immobilizer and AntiHijack functions.

Filter is the solution for those who'd like to present to the front passenger ability to watch TV via the front factory monitor in motion.

FanControl is the line of CANbus modules providing warm and comfort in car saloon in winter time. They are a great addition for the OEM and aftermarket installed Webasto and Eberspacher parking heaters. There are few different products for MB, VW, Audi and etc. 

Amic is the kit for remote controlling of the standard media device.

SeatsControl: want to put the BWM or Mercedes-Benz seats in your car saving all the features - it is for you.

ComfortControl is the line of two modules for Mitsubishi and Mazda enabling automatic window closing.