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SeatsControl-MB unit is designed for imitating main CAN bus signals of Mercedes-Benz (215 & 220) necessary for MB 215 & 220 seats installation into other cars.

One of serious problems when upgrading original interiors of American cars (Cadillac Escalade, etc.) in order to suit VIP-class requirements is replacing the original seats with more comfortable ones.  As an option, the seats of European S-class cars can be used, for instance Mercedes-Benz (215 & 220) seats. But it is not simple as that: the original seat control unit cannot work properly without native connection to MB CAN-bus. Of course it is possible to do something with seat control units but it is very complicated and makes many original seat functions unavailable. For instance, seat memory settings.

In order to save all seat functions available it is required to imitate signals showing the seat that it is installed in MB. This task is resolved by our SeatsControl-MB unit: the seats can be installed with available original control units and joysticks offering full service to a user.

Immitating signals:

  • Open doors
  • Ignition on
  • Perimeter lights on