CAN-BUS solutions


eFC-VAG v2.3 is the extending unit for FanControl-VAG. It is designed for VW Caddy (2004-), Golf 5, Golf 6, Golf Plus, Jetta (2006-), Passat B6, Passat СС, Tiguan, Touran vehicles which passed original Webasto software updating in 2010.

eFC-VAG is designed to work in combination with FanControl-VAG (version 2.9 and newer).

If older FanControl version is installed, it has to be replaced with the new version or updated by manufacturer.
eFC-VAG unit installation is required for the following situations:
  1. FanControl-VAG was installed in a car and it was functioning properly. But after visit to an official VW dealer and Webasto software update, activation of climatic system by means of FanControl-VAG unit has remained available, but Webasto heater activation has become unavailable.   
  2. In any case of FanControl-VAG installation when a car owner is planning to pass official VW dealer maintanance.