CAN-BUS solutions


TEC-700 is slave-type digital CAN bus car alarm system controlled via the vehicle's original remote control.

TEC-700 meets EU requirements.

TEC-700 is a modern, intelligent, reliable system saving comfort of car original entry system controlling for a car owner: original remote control and/or keyless entry system. At the same time it eliminates the need for a car owner to use complicated, cumbersome and inconvenient extra remote control, as is the case of analog car alarm systems.

It is connected to CAN digital bus. When the car is closed/opened with original means it arms/disarms relatively.  In case of car's door is unlocked opening with an original key TEC-700 does not disarm.

For some features and devices activation/deactivation, for instance, electromechanical hood-lock and service mode, PIN-code is to be entered by one or several car original buttons.

Upon receiving information on condition of sensor, perimeter, correct PIN-code entry etc., TEC-700 sends corresponding control signals to execution units: locking relays, siren, claxon, electromechanical hood lock, GSM, GPS units, central locking system etc.


TEC-700 is:

  • Comfortable for car owner
  • Safe for car on-board electronics
  • Compatible with more than 200 vehicles
  • High quality solution with long service life
  • Wide functionality
  • Compatible with other automotive accessory systems

Universal and always in demand

  • Suitable for all CAN bus types
  • Software update program is in place


Simplicity and improved installation capabilities

  • Automatic detection of a car model: no programming required
  • Understandable and convenient installation manual for each supported car model
  • Compact control unit: 64 х 48 х 13 mm (LxWxH)
  • 3 protected programmable outputs - 24 functions available for assigning
  • 3 programmable inputs - 7 functions available for assigning


TEC-700 protection technology

  • 4-digit PIN-code
  • Built-in shock and movement sensor
  • PUK-code for cases when PIN-code is lost
  • More than 20 original car buttons for PIN-code entry: alternative and visible in CAN bus  
  • Starter and diagnostic bus locking
  • Electromechanical hood lock control by PIN-code entering
  • Automatic windows and sunroof closing control via CAN bus and/or in analog way
  • Front and rear parking aid systems control in relation to vehicle speed.
  • Hazard lights alternative control according to its status in CAN bus
  • Service mode
  • Wide system configuration options for both users and installation specialists


Standard delivery kit

  • Compact control unit
  • LED indicator with wiring
  • Siren
  • Wire kit
  • PUK-code user memory card
  • User manual
  • Wiring diagram
  • Warranty card
  • Original package


adobeacrobat.jpgTEC-700 & 710 Installation Manual

adobeacrobat.jpgTEC-700\USB & TEC-710\USB Installation Manual

excel.jpgTEC-700 & 710 function table

To see the list of support vehicles and connection manuals for them visit: