CAN-BUS solutions

Dear Users!


TECPROG software is designed for configuring the following devices:

PRIZRAK/TEC-5xx, PRIZRAK/TEC-7xx, PRIZRAK-8xx, AutoCAN-F v6, AutoCAN-R v5, AutoCAN-F v5, AutoCAN-I v5, AutoCAN-IF v5, CANTEC-F1,  CANTEC-F2, FanControl-U2.



For PRIZRAK-8xx, PRIZRAK-720, PRIZRAK-730, PRIZRAK-740, AutoCAN-F v6 and FanControl-U2 additional TECPROG programming module is not needed. These devises are equipped with integrated micro-USB port and can be connected to PC via USB cable (not supplied).

For other products which are not equipped with USB port TECPROG programming module is required to provide configuring via PC.

For TECprog configurator correct operation following Microsorft utilities must be installed before installation of TECprog:

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (SP2) and Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5.

For Windows 7 x64 SSCERuntime-RUS-x64.msi  is required.               



For Windows 32-bit:

Download TECprog New file, unpack onto a hard disk, run Setup.exe  and follow hints.

zip.gif TECprog New


For Windows 64-bit:

Download TECprog New 64 file, unpack onto a hard disk, run Setup64.exe  and follow hints.

  zip.gif TECprog New 64



During TECprog installation pages some Russian pages can appear even if English language has been choosen.

In this case press buttons what intuitionally mean "Yes" and installation will go on.


We would appreciate your feedback and proposals on the new programmer operation. Please fill out feedback form