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FW update v.6.4.184 for AutoCAN, CANTEC and PRIZRAK 14.04.2016 03:49

TEC Electronics has released update v6.4.184 for AutoCAN, CANTEC and TEC car security systems.

In this version:

∙ Support added for KIA Sportage (2016--) and Kia Optima (2016--);

∙ Function "Comfort" implemented for Audi A4 (2016--), (car windows will be closed automatically when you turn alarm to security mode);

∙ Ability to control factory heater on Ford Tourneo Custom implemented for TEC-8xx systems;

∙ Function simulating the opening of the driver's door added for the Audi Q3;

∙ Feature "Engine blocking via CAN-bus" implemented for Audi Q7 (2016--) with a diesel engine and Audi Q3 (2014--) with petrol engine 2.0 TFSI.

∙ Toyota RAV4 (2016--) was successfully tested;