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Firmware update for AutoCAN, CANTEC and PRIZRAK 15.06.2015 03:45

TEC Electronics has released new firmware v5.3.156 / v6.4.156 for AutoCANCANTEC and PRIZRAK.

  • Nissan Tiida\Pulsar (2015--) now supported
  • For Jeep Grand Cherokee (2014--) CAN2 connection was added.

New features for GSM-security systems TEC\Prizrak 8xx series:

-          “Beach mode” (All systems except TEC\Prizrak 800). Allows user to lock\unlock vehicle with special code entered via set button  (for example trunk handle, or keyless system button), and leave everything inside of the vehicle.

-          Feature “Input to look for RFID tag” (works together with “Factory remote door lock control”, allows to look for RFID tag after pressing any button (for example keyless access button))

Perimeter control pause. Allows to disable factory alarm while testing. Required in some vehicles to implement remote start.