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Firmware update for AutoCAN, CANTEC and PRIZRAK 12.05.2015 01:00

TEC Electronics has released new firmware v5.3.154 / v6.4.154 for AutoCANCANTEC and PRIZRAK.


  • Support for following vehicles was added: Mitsubishi Outlander (2015--), Jaguar XF(2014), Acura TLX, Hyundai Solaris (“Elegance” and “Comfort” trims), Mercedes Benz S-class Coupe 217


For Prizrak-8xx series following changes were made:

  • For “Engine run time in “keep running” mode” following options were added - 1, 2, 3 minutes
  • For “Engine start delay after preheating” following options were added - 3 minutes
  • User reach out mode by default was changed from “Equal” to “Sequential”