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Firmware update for AutoCAN, CANTEC and PRIZRAK 16.04.2015 02:58

TEC Electronics has released new firmware v5.3.153 / v6.4.153 for AutoCANCANTEC and PRIZRAK.


  • Ford Mondeo (2015 --) now supported
  • Toyota Hilux (2006-2011) now supported by Prizrak 5xx, 8xx and CAN units
  • Infiniti Q50 was tested
  • Datsun mi-DO was tested (Prizrak 5xx and CAN units)
  • For GSM security system Prizrak 800 series feature to remotely start factory installed heater was added for: Volvo XC90 and Mercedes-Benz G-class 463 (2013-)
  • For Infiniti QX60 CAN engine lock was tested


For GSM security system PRIZRAK 800 series following features were added:


  • Engine can be turned off in “Hands Free” mode (while remote start is on)
  • Programmable output feature “Output for dashcam activation” was added. On this output signal is constantly formed when the ignition is on or for 5 minutes if was sensor was triggered or output was turned on by phone.
  • Programmable input “Factory security system alert”