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Firmware update for AutoCAN, CANTEC and PRIZRAK 13.03.2015 03:18

TEC Electronics has released new firmware v5.3.151 / v6.4.151 for AutoCANCANTEC and PRIZRAK.


  • Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (2013--), Peugeot 308 (2015--), Kia Rio (Luxe trim, 2014--) are now supported.
  • Infinity QX50 was tested.
  • For GSM security system Prizrak 800 series feature to remotely start factory heater was added for: Skoda Octavia 3 (A7), Range Rover Evoque (2014--), Mercedes-Benz Viano 639 (2010-2014).
  •  New algorithm to control steering wheel buttons. Attention! When detecting buttons, it is recommended to press all buttons on the steering wheel, this will increase quality of detection.
  • For GSM security system Prizrak 800 series there is now an option to start the engine and the heater via factory remote. To start or stop, press button “Close” of the remote 3 times.
  • For GSM security system Prizrak 800 series and slave security system Prizrak 700 series feature “Delay the alert if perimeter was breached” was added.
  • In Infinity QX80, Nissan Sentra hazard lights can now be controlled via CAN.
  • Outside temperature is now available in Volvo XC60 (2014--) and Nissan Pathfinder (2015--).
  • For Prizrak 800 series and 500 series option to lock the engine via CAN bus was added. At this moment it is available for some Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota vehicles with gasoline engines. List of supported manufactures and models will expanded soon.
  • GSM security system Prizrak 800 series can now control iDataLink units via protocol.
  • Impulse algorithm to control heater via digital output was added.
  • For Prizrak 800 series and 500 series time to activate “Second circuit of protection” was increased to 20 seconds.
  • For Audi Q5 (2015--) windows can be closed automatically (“Comfort” feature), fuel level is now available.


TEC Electronics Team