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Firmware update for AutoCAN, CANTEC and PRIZRAK 25.11.2014 01:37

TEC Electronics has released new firmware v5.3.144 / v6.4.144 for AutoCANCANTEC and PRIZRAK.


New additions to the compatibility list:

-          Infinity Q50s

-          Nissan Pathfinder (2015--)

-          Infinity QX 60

-          Subaru WRX(2015--)


And for GSM security system PRIZRAK 800 series following features were added:

  • Stock heater can be launched remotely on Audi Q5.
  • On vehicles with start\stop button remote start can be activated without additional modules (ESM 250)*
  • iDataLink remote start module now supported*
  • Programmable inputs now support following features – “Input to turn on the heater” and “Input for door switch”
  • Tilt sensor now switched off by default(can be enabled in settings)


Warning! If updating to v.144 tilt sensor will stay enabled.


TECProg will be updated later this week with support for this release.


*Available only in countries where engine remote\auto start is permitted by law.