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Question №1. Where can I find list of supported vehicles for TEC products?

Answer. Compatibility list for Prizrak 5xx, AutoCAN, Cantec F1&F2 this list also applies to TEC-7xx and Prizrak-7xx. Vehicles supported by FanControl products can be found on pages for each product. 

Question №2. AutoCAN-xx v5 (CANTEC, Prizrak) unit does not determines the vehicle or it determines the vehicle group but does not determine its subgroup.  What to do?


Answer. It is necessary to start "car-unit" interfacing procedure precisely according to algorithm described in Integrator Installation Help files.




Question №3. We are installing AutoCAN-xx v5 unit. We have connected it as per "Connection instructions": the unit emits dashed audible signal for several munities and does not complete automatic car interfacing procedure, though all the actions necessary for interfacing (Central Locking close/open via remote control buttons etc.) had been taken. Aside from the unit, a set of hardware is installed. During car-unit interfacing some of the electronic units of the car are off. What happened?


Answer. AutoCAN units work properly if the car has all electronic units in working order. The situation when some car electronic units are disabled is unacceptable. This condition is correct for other TEC-electronics products a such as FanControl, AMiC, CANTEC and etc




Question №4. What is the difference between AutoCAN-xx v5 and AutoCAN-xx-20x v5 units? We found the difference only between the lists of supported cars.  Are there any other differences?


Answer. No other differences.




Question №5. The AutoCAN-xx v5 unit is installed. The unit completes car detection. All unit modes are working except for comfort control mode though the car is equipped with the original comfort feature. What happened?


Answer. Some AutoCAN-xx v5 units the comfort feature is disabled by default. If it is required it is possible to activate it. (see Technical Manual).




Question №6. AutoCAN-xx v5 unit installation on VW Multivan T5 or VW Polo or  BMW-3 (E-90) and some others. The unit completes automatic car detection but does not initiate the programming mode. Also there is no way to change РIN-code and secret button. What happened?


Answer.  This may be caused by the vehicle specification which does not include the basic unit programming button in CAN bus. For instance, in case of VW cars windows control can be provided without involving the CAN-bus, while in case of BMW there are no steering wheel buttons available for programming. To fix this problem it is necessary to use alternative programming button. (see Technical Manual)




Question №7. AutoCAN-F v5 installation in combination with an accessory car alarm system for BMW-5 Е60/61 or BMW-6 E63/64. When Central Locking system locks the message in German language appears on dash panel though English language has been chosen. What happens?


Answer. It depends on a certain car:  when the central locking system was opened by opening door lock the language settings reset (it is possible to test it by opening central lock with a key not engaging the unit). Our units imitate door lock cylinder signal to open central lock.



We recommend you to contact official BMW dealer for consulting.