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TECPROG original programmer and TECprog New configuring sortware is required to update firmware and quick configure settings via PC.


Update requirements

Units with version 5.3.24 or newer support the software update. Firmware update procedure consists of uploading of certain software applications onto the unit with TECPROG original programmer. When choosing the update application please consider the fact that each and every unit is compatible only with the application designed for it (i.e., AutoCAN-R v5 cannot be updated with AutoCAN-F v5 application). Should you upload the application designed for another unit by mistake, unit's operability may be lost.


Firmware update suites v5(6).3.101
zip.gif  AutoCAN-R v5 and AutoCAN-R-201 v5 update
zip.gif  AutoCAN-F v5 and AutoCAN-F-202 v5 update
zip.gif  PR-7xx v6 update
zip.gif  CANTEC-F1 update
zip.gif  PR-510 update
zip.gif  PR-520 update
zip.gif  PR-530 update
zip.gif  PR-540 update


Please select the required file, download it, unpack and save it on your hard drive.

Firmware update sequence:


  1. Connect the unit to TECPROG programmer.
  2. Launch TECPROG programmer by launching prog.exe file. You can download the latest programmer version here.
  3. Choose the firmware for update by pressing the Select button. Move the previously downloaded files to Selected files field and then press the upload button. At the bottom part of TECPROG programmer's main window in the Program field you can see the names of the selected files. Software update will be prompted.
  4. Wait until the update is complete. Programming sequence takes up to 1,5 minutes.
  5. Upon successful firmware update a notification on successful programming will appear. Press OK.


In case if the unit is not identified on a certain vehicle, the unit will emit an audible (light) signal.