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CANTEC-F2 is an universal adapter designed for connecting after-market automotive security, multimedia and other systems to vehicle's CAN bus: analog one & two-way car alarm systems, GSM & GPS module, PDC systems etc. The unit allows reading the information required by the alarm system from the bus and controlling certain vehicle units.

The module has 10 programmable outputs: 2 of them are with configurable polarity. Every output can be assigned for any of 23 functions.

4 programmable inputs are used for vehicle's systems control by CANTEC-F2.

CANTEC-F2 is the most compact standard digital CAN-bus adapter module in the world.

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The unit properly controls the vehicle's original alarm system, central locking system, comfort system feature, trunk opening and hazard warning lights.

For some cars engine remote start is available.

For cases when control via CAN-bus is not available hazard warning lights and central locking alternative control is provided.


  •     Central locking system alternative control                                                    
  •     Turning lights turning on
  •     Hazard lights alternate control
  •     Trunk is open
  •     Engine is running
  •     Park brake
  •     Brake
  •     Ignition
  •     Doors, hood and trunk
  •     Locking/unlocking  central locking system


New capabilities of CANTEC-F2 :


  • Central locking systems locking + "Comfort"
  • Engine start
  • Reprogramming output functions
  • Reprogramming input functions
  • Changing output polarity
  • Vehicle's group and subgroup can be assigned manually (without TECPROG programmator)
  • "Security"
  • Claxon panic from outer input
  • Vehicle speed
  • Arming impulse
  • RPM
  • Disarming impulse
  • Sensors ignoring
  • Gearbox condition
  • Impulse when opening the trunk by OEM remote control
  • OEM buttons
  • Vehicle is moving
  • Perimeter lights
  • OEM car alarm panic
  • Front parking sensors activation
  • Rear parking sensors activation
  • CAN-bus parking distance control button assigning
  • Comfort timer channel
  • Panic via siren
  • ACC



adobeacrobat.jpgTechnical Manual CANTEC-F2 v5.pdf    

excel.jpgCANTEC-f2 functionality table.xlsx