CAN-BUS solutions


GSM car alarm TEC-810 is a perfect combination of security and comfort. Antitheft features PINTODrive and AntiHiJack will have your vehicle secured from hijacking and theft. Convenient mobile application and voice menu allow maximum control over security system and its features.
List of vehicles supported by the system can be found at
Lots of features in a small package:
  • Intellectual voice menu
  • Heater remote launch (preheater)
  • Small main unit size
  • Car GSM-alarm and immobilizer – 2 devices in one package
  • Built-in shock and tilt sensor with adjustable sensitivity
  • To decrease false triggers all input from sensors goes through Fourier transformation filter
  • USB connector for fast setup and configuration
  • Optional GSM-antenna TEC-4118
  • Service mode can be disable automatically


PIN-code can be entered via built-in buttons:
  • If required PIN-code can be changed multiple times
  • PIN-code can be entered with factory or additional buttons
  • If PIN-code was lost, you may use PUK-code (can be found on a plastic card in the box)
Mobile application TEC

Application was developed for GSM security systems TEC 800 series. It allows you to see all information about your vehicle and have maximum control of it's security features.


Application TEC-GSM it is:


  • Control of your vehicles state
  • Remote launch of the heater
  • Arming and disarming the security system
  • Fast configuration of system settings
  • Remote engine lock
  • Vehicle geolocation

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