CAN-BUS solutions


Prizrak-510 intellectual theft prevention system is designed for vehicle theft prevention should such an incident occur while the vehicle is parked or should hijacking be the case.

It provides vehicle theft protection should such an incident occur while the vehicle is parked or should hijacking be the case. 

The immobilizer is connected to vehicle CAN bus and interfaces with it on both software and hardware levels in accordance with the requirements of bus developer - Robert Bosch GmbH.

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Main features:

Immobilizer function is designed for preventing the vehicle from being stolen from its parking area. Every time prior to driving, the car owner is to enter the PIN code otherwise the engine will be locked.

Anti HiJack is the function preventing the vehicle from being hijacked or stolen from its parking area. Should there be an attempt to hijack the vehicle it will lock the engine while the car owner is safely away from the vehicle

Additional controlling features:

  • Comfort feature
  • Electromechanical hood lock
  • Central locking system

Additionally PRIZRAK-510 provides CAN-bus "read" interface unit features: any of 20 CAN-bus interface unit functions can be assigned to its outputs (see Technical Manual)

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