CAN-BUS solutions


AutoCAN-R (READ) interface unit is designed for facilitating operations on installing accessory alarm systems or other automotive hardware in the vehicles equipped with CAN-bus.

The unit is connected to vehicle CAN bus and interfaces with it on both software and hardware levels in accordance with the requirements of bus developer - Robert Bosch GmbH.

The unit analyzes information in the bus and forms signals described in CAN bus adapter functions list on the programmable outputs.

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  • Central locking closing upon driving start
  • Central locking opening upon ignition key removing
  • Comfort feature controlling: windows and sunroof automatic closing.
  • 8 universal outputs: 4 positive and 4 negative ones.
  • All outputs are protected with PTC resettable fuses
  • Each output can be assigned with one of 19 functions (see the list below).


CAN bus adapter functions list on the programmable outputs.

  1.  Security constant level signal
  2.  Lock Impulse
  3.  Unlock Impulse
  4.  Panic 1. Signal of original alarm system
  5.  Panic 2. Perimeter security
  6.  Panic 2-K. Perimeter security with claxon output
  7.  Doors, hood and trunk
  8.  Original pre-programmed button pressing
  9.  Transmission condition
  10.  Sensor ignoring
  11.  Ignition
  12.  АСС (key is inserted)
  13.  Engine on
  14.  Vehicle moving
  15.  Brake
  16.  Perimeter lights
  17.  Engine rpm
  18.  Movement speed
  19.  Handbrake


adobeacrobat.jpg AutoCAN-R Technical Manual


* - the full installation help list and the function table for this product are in development. Should some car model mentioned in compatibility_list required is not in the installation help list you can send the request to: