CAN-BUS solutions
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Prizrak-510 v7. CAN-bus immobillizer. Version 7: new design, new connector, balanced number of input and outputs. All algorithms remained >>>
GSM car alarm TEC-830 – powerful security complex, capable of resisting any theft attempts, especially when coupled with electromechanical >>>
FanControl-GSM allows to control climate system in your vehicle and preheat it before you drive it. With your mobile phone you may: >>>
FanControl-U2 is a universal FanControl that fits to all vehicles supported by other FanControls, except FanControl-MB and FanControl-VAG. >>>
CANTEC-F2 is an universal adapter designed for connecting after-market automotive security, multimedia and other systems to vehicle's >>>
PRIZRAK-710 is slave-type digital CAN bus car alarm system controlled via the vehicle's original remote control. Combined with Immobilizer >>>